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The perfect leasing accessories for autumn

All about bikes
20 September 2022
2 Minutes

Drizzle, cold and darkness - the cold season is just around the corner and often seems uninviting for a bike ride. Today, we at Lease a Bike show you how you can defy the weather with the help of leasable accessories. This way, you are guaranteed to get through the winter with your company bike. At Lease a Bike, you can lease not only your dream bike, but also accessories for the bike. We therefore asked our trusted specialist dealers which accessories are particularly popular and useful.

If you use your company bike for commuting or shopping, bike bags are a practical everyday companion. This is because many models can be attached to different places on the bike. For example, the same bicycle bag is mounted on the steering wheel or the luggage rack. Manufacturers such as Gazelle also have sophisticated click systems that allow baskets and bags to be de- and attached from the bike with the help of a handle. These functions are particularly practical for shopping, train rides and other everyday activities. Waterproof versions are also produced in many cases, so that your luggage arrives dry at its destination even in rain and snow. In addition, bicycle bags help to increase your visibility in road traffic. Many bags are available either in reflective, highly visible colours or with reflective elements so that you can be seen better by other road users. In addition, many bags and backpacks can be illuminated with the help of power banks, so that you are completely safe on the road.

Many cyclists use their mobile phones for navigation. However, as many smartphones are very sensitive to cold an wet conditions, a waterproof cover for your mobile phone is recommended. Despite the cover, your screen remains optimally visible and navigation is possible without any problems. Your regional specialist bike shop will be happy to advise you so that you can quickly and easily find the right model for your company bike.

We also have a special tip for all e-bike riders. If you ride your company bike to work in autumn and winter and don't have the option of parking indoors, you can benefit from neoprene protection for the battery. Neoprene ensures that the battery does not overcool in low temperatures. This ensures that your battery is always protected and can achieve the longest possible range. But beware: in warmer temperatures, this accessory should not be used, as there is a risk of your battery overheating.

At Lease a Bike, the above-mentioned accessories can easily be leased together with your company bike. This way you can get through the winter safely. Our Lease a Bike dealers can advise you on all aspects of bike leasing and accessories.