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DIAMANT is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in Germany and has stood for quality and innovation for almost 140 years - this is also confirmed by many awards, such as those as the best e-bike manufacturer 2023. DIAMANT uses materials to the best of its knowledge and combines this with innovative technology. Today DIAMANT builds bikes for fast commuting, for active leisure or to get around town comfortably. With DIAMANT you can count on durability. And if something does go wrong: The lifetime warranty on frames and rigid forks has been part of the brand promise for over 100 years.

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Diamant bike

DIAMANT: Bicycle brand with brains

DIAMANT was founded by the Nevoigt brothers. As early as 1898, the two inventors brought light into the darkness with a candle-powered bicycle lamp and introduced the double roller chain, which is still used today, in Germany. Their work paid off, as the Nevoigts' bicycles quickly enjoyed great popularity. So in 1911/1912, the young company also got a new name - and a face. The Nevoigts had "DIAMANT" and the "head" protected. In 1992, DIAMANT was taken over by the Swiss manufacturer Villiger. Since 2003, DIAMANT has belonged to the American family-owned company Trek and assembles all its bikes at the DIAMANT bicycle factories in Hartmannsdorf.

"Today DIAMANT stands for freedom, adventure & an active lifestyle on two wheels."

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Whether e-bike, Trekking® bike or lifestyle bike: DIAMANT builds bikes for individual needs. Among other things, you will find particularly light and sporty bikes, bikes for frequent use or with a higher system weight in the portfolio. 

  • Urban and modern: With the Zouma Deluxe, you get modern pedelec mobility. The motor and battery on this e-bike are designed for long distances and frequent use. With a lot of dynamism, it is the ideal commuter bike, even on climbs and descents.
  • Lightweight and practical: There are lightweight e-bikes, but the Zing is uncompromisingly light. It's exactly the right bike for anyone looking for an all-round e-bike with a long range. The motor, gears and seating position are designed for sporty rides on any terrain. 
  • Strong and comfortable: The Beryll 160 and Mandara 160 are designed to withstand even heavy loads and give heavier riders a lot of comfort. The perfect e-bike for those who need more system weight.

DIAMANT also offers a wide range of bikes for the city or touring without a motor. From fully equipped carbon bikes to touring bikes with steel frames. You can also find some of them in our Bikefinder.

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