Bike leasing for public sector employees

Information about bike leasing


Collective agreement on bike leasing

The collective agreement on bike leasing now also allows employees in the public sector to use them. Lease a Bike accompanies you during the implementation and supports you throughout the entire process. 


Number of bikes per employee

According to the collective agreement, employees can lease a maximum of one bike per person.


Cost of the bike

A maximum sales price of € 7,000 incl. accessories and VAT is prescribed for the bike.


Contract duration

The contract period for company bike leasing is always 36 months. In the event of early termination of the contract, we will find an individual solution for each employee.

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The benefits of Lease a Bike for your company

Financially attractive

Save on social security contributions and taxes through salary conversion: A leased company bike can save employees up to 40% compared to purchasing.

Employee benefits

Daily cycling keeps your employees fit and can reduce sick days.

Fast and digital

A digital portal allows you to offer company bike leasing to your employees in just 4 simple steps.

Safe on the road

Not only you but also your employees are always optimally insured with us. Thanks to our all-round protection, employees can lease without worries.

Bike leasing for every municipality or department

Always at your side

We are there to help you with the implementation and with any questions you may have about company bike leasing. From a personalised online portal to personalised on-site support.

Readily available customer service

What suits your needs best? We offer a range of services at no extra cost. From sample transfer agreements to advice on company policies for your company bike leasing.

Implementation support

To ensure successful implementation, our services include launch events, webinars and marketing support in the form of customised websites, flyers and more.

Regional solutions

We have a dealer network with over 6,000 associated retailers . This means that there is always a dealer near you. Your employees can choose any type and brand of bike.


From the public tender to the award procedure - we are experts in our field! With our knowledge, we are happy to help you and answer your questions on the subject of service vehicle leasing.

Perfectly tuned

Our leasing concept fits perfectly with TV-bike leasing. We know your needs and adapt our conditions to you and your wishes.

Municipalities and departments that are already convinced of bike leasing.

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The collective agreement

Collective agreement bike leasing