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Use our CO2 calculator now and calculate your savings! Switch to cycling and do something good for the environment at the same time. But what does your saving in CO2 emissions mean, for example in flights, washing machines or planted trees? Use our calculator to work this out per year.

Calculate your CO2 savings now.

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This calculator is based on the assumption that a bicycle is used instead of a mid-range car (diesel or super). The values for CO2 emissions are based on official figures from the Federal Environment Agency.
How many people are on your team?
How many days does your team work in the office each week?
What is the average distance from the home of your employees to the office in kilometers?
CO2 emission saved per year:
equal to - G of CO2
Trees planted
Source: Federal Environment Agency Germany

For a greener future - with bike leasing!

Green mobility

Cycling to work not only increases productivity, but thanks to bike leasing you also make a contribution to climate protection.

Cost-neutral implementation

As an employer, the implementation of bike leasing is free of charge. Your employees pay a low monthly leasing rate for their dream bike.

All-round carefree

Thanks to our all-round protection packages! With the all-inclusive package, your employees benefit from an unlimited wear and tear budget.

Extra portion of customer service

You and your employees are always the focus at Lease a Bike. 110% support, that's our specialty.

Simple & uncomplicated

Start bike leasing as an employer with our digital portal in four simple steps. Minimum effort, maximum benefit!

Employee benefit

Bike leasing is very popular with employees, keeps them fit and can reduce sick days.

Financially attractive

Save on social security contributions and taxes through salary conversion: With bike leasing, employees can save up to 40% compared to buying a bike.


If the employee is currently unable to convert their salary due to parental leave, for example, the installment default protection usually applies.

Our mission: to invest in our planet.

Lease a Bike has made a promise to make the world a little greener by saving CO2 emissions. We not only want to help other companies become more sustainable, but also make a major contribution to environmental protection ourselves. All milestones have been set, a strategy has been developed, certified partners have been selected and we are ready to take big steps. Use our CO2 calculator and calculate your personal CO2 savings potential right now. Get the information package for our company bike leasing today and send us an inquiry.

Lease a Bike in numbers


fewer CO₂ emissions per employee by 2030.

Since 2022,

Lease a Bike is already climate-neutral.


bicycles are donated to certified organizations every year.

Things to know about bike leasing

What is bike leasing?

You can offer company bike leasing in your company as an employee benefit. With Lease a Bike, you enable your employees to lease their dream bike quickly and easily. Thanks to deferred compensation, the bike of their choice is paid for monthly via their gross salary and your employees save on social security contributions and taxes. As an employer, you benefit from increased employee loyalty and healthier employees, for example. You also make a contribution to sustainable mobility. You can also find more information here.

What are the advantages of bike leasing for me as an employer?

Since 2012, the company car principle has also applied to bicycles and e-bikes. Company bike leasing increases productivity, promotes health and demonstrably reduces the number of sick days taken by employees. As an employer, you can implement the offer at no cost or risk.

The advantageous salary conversion and comprehensive all-round protection make the company bike concept attractive for both employers and employees and boosts the company's image. Company bike leasing is now the most popular benefit for employees. Other advantages include reducing staff turnover, increasing employee satisfaction and making a positive contribution to the company's environmental footprint.

With Lease a Bike, you also benefit from an extra portion of customer service. We are at your side with our first-class customer service during implementation and for all questions relating to e-bikes and bike leasing. From a personalized online portal to personal on-site support. You can find more information about the benefits for your company here

How does salary conversion work?

When the salary is converted, the employee receives part of the contractually agreed salary not in cash, but in kind for the period of the secondment of the service.

In other words, an amendment is made by means of an additional agreement to the employment contract, in which the future salary of the employee is reduced by a fixed amount (conversion rate) for the duration of the loan. This then results in the tax and contribution advantage for the employees. In addition, in most cases the monetary benefit is taxed. This is added to the gross monthly salary. What exactly does that mean?

Gross monthly salary

+ taxation of imputed income

- Conversion rate

- All-round protection costs

= new gross monthly salary

- Taxes

- Taxation of imputed income

= net monthly salary

If you now compare the net monthly salary without the company bike with the net monthly salary with the company bike, you get the monthly costs for the company bike leasing.

Below you will find some explanations of terms.

Conversion rate:

The conversion rate is the sum of the leasing rate and the cost of the selected all-round protection package, less any cost coverage by the employer The gross monthly salary is reduced by this conversion rate.

Taxation of the monetary advantage:

Depending on the form of provision by you as the employer, the use of the service bike is subject to taxation of the monetary benefit. In the event that a service bicycle is made available for unrestricted private use in the context of a salary conversion, the cash benefit must be taxed. The cash benefit of the company bicycle leasing is calculated at a flat rate of 1% of a quarter of the gross list price (GBP) rounded to the full 100€, added to the taxable income and taxed with it. Colloquially speaking, there is also a 0. 25% tax. The amount for the cash benefit can be found in the calculation overview in the bike leasing calculator.

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