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The advantages of company bike leasing for the self-employed.

Kalkhoff Endeavour
e-bike € 5.499
Urban Arrow Family
electric cargo bike € 5.150
Cervélo Caledonia Ultegra
racebike € 3.999
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Tax benefits

The leasing instalments are fixed operating expenses that reduce your tax burden. Self-employed persons ride tax-free. Talk to your tax advisor.

Excellent mobility

With us you stay mobile. Damage protection, maintenance, wear and tear and our free mobility guarantee are always included in the contract.

Perfect combination

A company bike can of course be combined with a company car. The company bike can be used privately for an unlimited period.

All bike types & brands

You can choose from all types and brands of bikes. Whether it be a cargo bike, e-bike or mountain bike - the choice is yours.

What you need to know about company bike leasing

No driver’s logbook

You can still claim a commuting allowance of € 0.30/kilometre per one-way journey to work on your tax return.

All-round protection

Select from three different all-round protection packages. Always according to your requirements and tailored to your dream bike..

Operating expenditure

The lease instalments and running costs count as business expenses. As a self-employed person, you can deduct these business expenses for tax purposes.


Self-employed persons no longer have to pay tax on the private use portion of leased company bikes. Only the VAT on the private withdrawal share must be paid. Check the proof of business use with your tax advisor.


Choose your type of mobility at a moment's notice - take advantage of your new diversity.


Of course, optional accessories such as helmets, baskets, etc. can be included in the lease.

Product and brand diversity

Any type of bike and any brand is possible. With Lease a Bike you can realize your dream of a new bike.

How it works



Fill out the registration form - it only takes 5 minutes. We then carry out a credit check. Upon successful verification, you will receive access to our online portal.



No paperwork. Once you are registered as a company on the portal, everything is completely electronic. The dealer can create a contract by means of an order code.


Hop on your bike

Select your desired bike from one of our specialist dealers. You can choose any brand and type of bike. 



Our electronic portal provides you with all the information you need for your bookkeeping.

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What others are saying

Reviews from those already using a company bike.

With my employer's Lease a Bike option, we jumped for joy and then immediately looked for and put together a cargo bike intensively and with a lot of love. It's great to be so flexible and to be able to afford it. Lease a Bike is the best thing that could have happened to us.
Silke Winkler
My special Lease a Bike experience was a telephone contact with your employee in the claims department. She was the proverbial angel and took care of everything. Five stars and an enthusiastic customer who also recommends Lease a Bike because of this experience!
Thomas Diening
I realise that I'm on the right track with Lease a Bike when I regularly cycle past the cars stuck in traffic jams in a good mood.
Christian Hesse
When my company bike was stolen, I quickly found and received a new one as a replacement without any trouble. I have done many good tours with the bike and discovered great new places and beautiful views.
Wolfram Rettinger
Fast and perfect processing. Good services. And above all, lots of fun with the great bike. Always happy to return!
Claudia Wahl
Riding an e-bike is simply a great way to balance out my job in the office. With Lease a Bike, everything went very easily and I'm happy that I have a great e-bike for little money per month that is regularly serviced.
Andrea Lurtz
The terms of the contract are transparent, the order processing was smooth and the order confirmation was very quick. When calling the hotline, very good support and advice, personal contact and direct contact person, quick answer to all questions.
Osman Akay
Super simple handling and great service with the e-bike from Lease a Bike. With the e-bike, relaxed and wonderful touring experiences became possible, with which one only dared to dream with a normal bike rider.
Christian Stegmann
The process of signing the contract was quick and smooth - simply great. When I decided on a bike, everything was very quick and uncomplicated, so that I could start cycling after just a few weeks. The customer service is also good if you ever have a question.
Christian Schulz
I have been using the service for almost 1 1/2 years and will also conclude a new contract after the term. The win-win situation is guaranteed on both sides, for the provider as well as for the consumer.
Benjamin Rees

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Cycling is good for your health. But it's also good for your wallet. Did you know that self-employed persons no longer have to pay tax on the private use of company bikes? Only the VAT on the private withdrawal share must be paid. Talk to your tax advisor.

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Is there a tax benefit for the self-employed also?

●      Since 1 January 2019, self-employed persons no longer have to pay tax on the private use of company bikes (bikes and pedelecs). Only the VAT on the private withdrawal share is to be taken into account/paid. 

●      Since S-pedelecs are legally classified as motor vehicles, they are treated the same as electric cars for tax purposes. Since 01.01.2019, the 0.25% regulation for taxation for private use and an additional 0.03% of the quartered assessment basis, rounded down to a full € 100, times one way (km) home/work must also be taxed here.

●      The leasing instalments and running costs of a company bike are business expenses and are tax deductible.

●      Self-employed persons who are entitled to input tax deduction can also deduct the sales tax from the leasing instalments that is included in the instalments. 

●      Moreover, self-employed persons can still claim a lump sum of 0.30 euro/kilometre for the one-way commute to the place of work on their tax return. 

●      How high is my individual tax benefit? This depends on the turnover and, of course, the respective individual tax rate, regardless of the type of bike chosen. We recommend that you always contact your tax advisor to calculate your individual savings.

What options do I have as a self-employed person at the end of the agreement?

●      Would you like to purchase the bike at the end of the agreement? Whether a company or as a private individual – just let us know! We will be happy to make you an attractive offer approx. 4-6 weeks before the regular end of the agreement.

●      Want to stop using the bike? Simply return it to us via one of our more than 3,000 Lease a Bike dealers.

How is a claim reported?

Claims can easily be submitted by the specialist dealer via our portal.

  • The "Damage & Theft" button in the menu takes the specialist dealer to the online form.
  • This online form makes it easy to submit the claim electronically.
  • The insurance company will review the claim and give the dealer approval for the costs to be covered by us.
  • Reimbursement of the costs to the specialist dealer will be made directly via us after receipt of the invoice.

Note: In order to guarantee rapid processing of the claim, it is submitted exclusively by the specialist dealer.

Which parts are considered wear parts?

Every Lease a Bike company bike receives an obligatory all-round protection package with an individually selected annual wear budget. All necessary repairs to restore operational safety as well as repairs due to wear and tear are charged to this account. The following wear parts, among others, are taken into account.

  • Tyres
  • Inner tube
  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs
  • Chain
  • Cogset / sprocket
  • Pinion
  • Chainring
  • Bottom bracket
  • Light sources
  • Brake and shift cables
How do I report wear and tear repairs?

Reports can easily be submitted by the specialist dealer via our portal.

  • The "Service & Maintenance" button in the menu takes the specialist dealer to the online form.
  • This online form makes it easy to submit the report electronically.
  • We will review the claim and give the dealer approval that the costs to be covered.
  • The reimbursement of the costs to the specialist dealer with settlement via the available budget within the scope of the all-round protection takes place directly after receipt of the invoice.

Note: In order to guarantee rapid processing of the claim, it is submitted exclusively by the specialist dealer.

How is a theft report made?

Reports can easily be submitted by the specialist dealer via our portal.

  • The "Damage & Theft" button in the menu takes the specialist dealer to the online form.
  • This online form makes it easy to submit the theft report electronically.
  • The specialist dealer receives approval and confirmation of cost coverage after inspection and confirmation of compensation by the insurance company.
  • A selection/coordination with availability of a bike of the same type and quality can be made between the specialist dealer and the user until approval.
  • The invoicing of the new bike and also the payment is done by us.
  • The handover of the new bike requires a prior, final approval by us.

Note on exchanging objects in the event of theft within the existing agreement with a bike of the same type and quality. The new bike only has to have the same purchase value, including accessories, as the stolen bicycle. 

In order to guarantee rapid processing of the theft report, it is submitted exclusively by the specialist dealer.

What does the all-round protection include and what is covered?

Damage protection

Our damage cover includes all sudden and unforeseeable damage or destruction to the leased item, e.g. due to:

  • theft, burglary or robbery
  • Operating errors
  • Simple negligence
  • Accidental damage
  • Vandalism
  • Defects in design, materials or workmanship
  • Overvoltage, induction or implosion
  • Storm, frost, ice, earthquake or flooding
  • Damage to motor or battery

Europe-wide free mobility guarantee

To maintain mobility, our company bikes are covered by a Europe-wide free mobility guarantee.

Benefits include:

  • 24-hour service hotline
  • On-site breakdown assistance including bicycle towing service
  • We organise the towing of the bike to the nearest suitable bicycle repair shop and cover the costs for this.
  • Organisation of the onward or return journey after an accident 
  • Replacement bike in the event of a breakdown 
  • We will arrange a replacement bicycle for you and pay the costs of hiring it until you are ready to ride again for a maximum of 7 days, up to a maximum of € 50 per day.
  • Bike return transport
  • If the bicycle cannot be repaired at the place of damage within three working days, we will arrange for its return to a workshop near your home. 
  • Arrangement of emergency cash for bike tours abroad
  • Coverage of overnight costs in the event of a breakdown
  • If the repair of the bike takes longer, we will reserve overnight accommodation for a maximum of five nights and pay the costs up to a maximum of 80 € per night.
  • Arrangement of a bicycle repair shop in the vicinity

Maintenance Package

Employees choose between the basic, premium or all-inclusive package depending on the selected bike and usage. The basic and premium packages include an annual fixed budget, while the all-inclusive package has an unlimited budget. Repairs that are necessary for the operational safety of the bicycle are settled here. Tyre damage, as this is not a claim in the sense of an insurance-related loss, is also settled via the individual annual wear budget.

The budget per package is:

  • Basic: 75€ per year
  • Premium: 200€ per year
  • All-inclusive: unlimited budget

All packages include an inspection with extended scope of services outside of the required visual inspection. The costs for this are also settled via the allocated budget.

What is considered and included in the damage/theft protection?

The company bike must be locked with, but not connected to, a commercially available brand-name lock, unless it is physically located in an enclosed area. Protection is provided 24/7. Damage/theft reports are to be made directly to us using a form. In the event of theft, a police report is mandatory (File number). Your employer as lessee must also be informed immediately in the event of a claim. You can fill out this notification of claim form on your own or together with your specialist dealer, who will be happy to assist you. 

What are the warranty periods for the company bike?

The statutory warranty is two years. After expiry of this period, damage e.g. to the drive or battery on pedelecs/e-bikes continues to be covered by our all-round cover during the term. Warranty and guarantee claims are always handled directly by the Lease a Bike dealer from whom the company bike was purchased.

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