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What do I do if my bike needs maintenance work?

If your bike needs servicing, you can contact one of the Lease a Bike specialist shops. Simply make an appointment by phone or email.

Important: Always state that it is a Lease a Bike bicycle and have your contract ID ready. You can find your contract ID in the Lease a Bike portal under the heading 'Contracts'.

Who carries out the maintenance work?

For maintenance, repair and tyre changes, you can visit one of our 6,000 affiliated specialist bike shops. Would you like to know which specialist shop is near you? Click here for the dealer locator. You can visit any Lease a Bike dealer, so it doesn't have to be the same shop where you bought your bike.

Are any maintenance costs covered?

Depending on the all-round protection package you choose, maintenance costs will be covered. You decide on an all-round protection package depending on your usage behaviour once you have found your dream bike. Your company can limit the choice of all-round protection packages.

You can find the all-round protection package you have chosen in the Lease a Bike portal under the heading 'Contracts' > 'Contract details'.

Have you exceeded your annual budget? Then pay the difference directly to the bike shop.

What costs are covered by the maintenance package?

The maintenance packages cover repairs, annual maintenance and/or service work caused by wear and tear that affect the safety of use or the functionality of the leased bike. In addition, your company bike is covered by annual inspections and wear-and-tear repairs that are necessary for operational safety. The repair of damage is not covered by the maintenance package and is paid by the damage protection coverage. Read more about this under the heading of 'Damage and theft'.

As a user of a company bike, you should do your best to avoid loss or damage. Among other things, keep both original bike keys safe and do not leave the bike unattended. This is also important for making an insurance claim. Has your bicycle been damaged or stolen? Here you will find all the information you need on how to proceed.

Is my bike insured against theft?

Yes, all bikes are fully insured. In order for the insurance cover to take effect, your company bike must be locked, but not connected, with a standard brand lock, unless it is locked inside a room. The deductible is always € 0. If your bike is stolen, you will receive a new bike similar to the one you had under the existing leasing contract at a maximum of the same price.

My bike has been stolen, what should I do now?

If your leased bike is stolen, you must first report it to the police. This step is mandatory, as the respective file number is required for the theft report. It is important that you have both original keys in your possession and that you include the frame number when reporting the theft. You can find the frame number in the Lease a Bike portal.

After you have reported the theft, go to a Lease a Bike shop to fill in the theft form together. In the meantime, the bike shop will order a new bike of the same type and quality. Your existing contract continues.

Do I have the right to borrow a bike in the event of damage or theft?

In the event of an insured claim, we will provide the following services to maintain mobility from a distance of 10 kilometres from your permanent place of residence:

Is my bike insured against damage?

Yes, your leased bike is covered against all sudden and unforeseeable damage or destruction as part of our damage protection. This includes e.g.:

My bike is damaged. What do I do now?

Make an appointment with a Lease a BIke shop as soon as possible to fill out the damage form together. Once approved, the Lease a Bike shop will repair the damage as soon as possible.

Guarantee and warranty

As a user, you have a warranty for the first two years. During this period, please contact the specialist dealer where you purchased the bike if it is not fault-free.

How does the takeover of the bike work after 36 months?

After 36 months, you have the option of taking over the bike for the residual value (approx. 10% of the purchase price). 4-6 weeks before the end of the leasing contract, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the end of the period of use and, if you wish, an offer to purchase the used company bike. After acceptance of the purchase offer, we will send you an invoice confirming the taxation of the imputed income from the purchase in accordance with EStG §37b para. 1 with takeover by us (flat-rate taxation by third parties). You can easily pay the purchase price by bank transfer. After payment of the purchase price and the outstanding leasingrates, ownership of the bike is transferred to you.

Am I obliged to take over the bike?

No, you can simply return the bike. In this case, we will conveniently have the bike collected from you or your company.

Can I lease a new bike at the end of the leasing period?

Absolutely! When your leasing contract expires, you can use your order code to order a bike again from one of the 6,700 affiliated specialist bike shops.

Find the nearest Lease a Bike shop near you.

Are you looking for a new dream bike or does your leased bike need to be repaired? With over 6,700 Lease a Bike dealers, the nearest bike shop is guaranteed to be close to you. So you can get back on your bike in no time. Click here to go directly to our dealer locator!

Understand deferred compensation in detail

Are you wondering how your leasing rate is calculated in detail? In our calculator you will find a detailed calculation overview. So you can see exactly how your monthly net costs are made up. Furthermore, you will find a downloadable document below the calculator in which the individual calculation steps are explained step by step.

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