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Gazelle bikes: innovative bicycles of high quality

Gazelle is just as typically Dutch as cycling itself. Anyone who starts a company bike plan for a Gazelle knows exactly what they are getting: an e-bike or city bike of robust quality, with a smart design and low weight. And as well assured: a fixed and competitive monthly fee, including insurance and maintenance. After more than 130 years, the family business still builds its bikes in the Eastern-Dutch village of Dieren, producing around 300.000 bikes each year, using the latest  production techniques and the highest standards. About 25 skilled workers are involved in the production of each bike. The pursuit of top quality pays off. Gazelle bikes have won numerous awards, from 'good industrial design' to 'best durability test winner'.

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Gazelle bike

Gazelle: royal cycling since 1892

Even big bike brands start small. The history of Gazelle begins in 1892 when post official Willem Kölling from the Dutch village of Dieren imports exactly one bike from England. Just after the turn of the century, Kölling and his partner begin building their own bikes under the name Gazelle. A name that incidentally arises when a young gazelle jumps by during a walk on the Veluwe. Gazelle grows and Kölling's family members come to support production. The bike brand proves to be innovative and introduces, among other things, the tandem (1935), the drum brake, and the cross frame. The company also gains fame thanks to the comic strip 'Piet Pelle on his Gazelle'. In the mid-1950s, the millionth Gazelle rolls off the production line, and Gazelle becomes the market leader in The Netherlands. In 1992, during the centenary celebrations, the Gazelle family business is awarded the 'Royal' predicate as the only bike brand in the Netherlands. In 2005, it builds the first of many e-bikes: the Gazelle Easy Glider with electronic pedal assist.

"Gazelle stands for an e-bike or city bike of robust quality, with a slim design and low weight"

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Gazelle has a lot of variety in bikes. Well-known e-bike models from Gazelle include the all-round Chamonix, the modern and comfortable Avignon, and the powerful Grenoble. And what about the Ultimate? That is the best that Gazelle has to offer and therefore a great lease bike to ride through your employer. Gazelle also has great city bikes in its collection with the Esprit and Classic.

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