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Company bike leasing as a corporate mobility solution

25 October 2023
2 Minutes

In an increasingly urbanized world where environmental awareness and sustainability play an ever more important role, companies are looking for innovative solutions to optimize their corporate mobility. In recent years, corporate bike leasing has proven to be an attractive option for companies that want to promote both the health of their employees and environmental sustainability.

What is company bike leasing?

Company bike leasing is a model in which companies allow their employees to lease a bike or e-bike through the company. These bikes can then be used for both business and private purposes. In contrast to the traditional company car, company bike leasing offers an environmentally friendly alternative that also promotes the health of employees.

Company bike leasing through salary conversion

With this variant, employees can lease their leased bike via so-called salary conversion. A portion of the salary is used to cover the monthly lease payments. Since the salary is used before taxes, there is a financial advantage for the employee in the form of savings on taxes and social security contributions. In the bike leasing calculator of Lease a Bike, you can calculate your monthly leasing rate in advance.

Advantages of company bike leasing for companies

Promoting employee health: The company bicycle promotes physical activity among employees. Regular cycling improves fitness, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases overall well-being. Healthier employees are more productive and have a lower absenteeism rate, resulting in long-term cost savings for the company.

Reducing parking problems: In many urban areas, parking spaces are a precious commodity. Corporate bike leasing allows companies to reduce their parking problems because bikes take up less space than cars. By providing bikes, companies can also reduce their reliance on expensive parking, thus saving money.

Improve retention and satisfaction: by offering company bike leasing, a company demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and needs of its employees. The company bike is an attractive complement to the car for employees and allows them flexible and environmentally friendly mobility. This can help employees identify more strongly with their employers and build a higher level of loyalty to the company.

Company bike leasing also helps increase satisfaction. Employees who have the option of leasing bikes or e-bikes through the company reap the health benefits of physical activity and a less stressful commute. In addition, the flexibility of company bike leasing can allow for greater autonomy and independence in choosing their daily commutes. This leads to a positive work atmosphere and increased well-being.

A high level of employee loyalty and satisfaction are decisive factors for the long-term success of a company. Through company bike leasing as part of the company mobility strategy, companies can increase their attractiveness as employers and attract talent as well as retain it in the long term.

In summary, corporate bike leasing as part of the corporate mobility strategy offers companies numerous advantages. A variety of dream bikes can be found in Lease a Bike's Bikefinder.