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Warranty cases

Warranty cases are not handled by Lease a Bike, as these are the responsibility of the manufacturers. In this case, please contact the manufacturing company directly.

Advertising material order, Lease a Bike logo & calculator

If you would like to order flyers, posters or hangtags from Lease a Bike for your specialist shop, you can fill in the form on the "Order advertising material" page and then receive free advertising material for your specialist shop. Furthermore, you can also download our social media package there or download our logo to place it on your own homepage. Here you will also find instructions on how to embed our calculator on your website.

Important forms

To report and process inspections or wear and tear repairs, please complete the “Wear and Tear and Inspection” form.

To report damage or theft, please complete the Damage and Theft Form and submit the required documentation on top of it.

Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to use our Helpdesk. Frequently asked questions are answered in detail here. You can also contact us via Live Chat, by e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected] or via our Service Hotline on 04471 967 3333 Mon - Fri from 8:00 - 18:00.

How do I make a budget enquiry?

You can check the available budget in our Lease a Bike portal via the "Service Hub" button by entering your contract ID. 

What do the all-round protection packages include?

Every Lease a Bike all-round protection package includes theft & damage protection, as well as a free mobility guarantee and a service package with an annual budget for wear-and-tear repairs and inspections.

Theft & damage protection

Our theft & damage cover includes all sudden and unforeseeable damage or destruction to the company bike, e.g. due to:

Free Europe-wide mobility guarantee including 24/7 roadside assistance

In the event of a claim, we will provide the following services to maintain mobility:

Customers do not have to pay an excess!

Service package

Employees can choose between three service packages with an annual budget limit:

The costs are covered up to the annual budget limit; if the budget is exceeded, the difference is invoiced directly to the user.

All packages include an annual inspection of the company bike. The first inspection is reimbursed with 35€ net, the two following ones with 70€ net. The costs for the inspection and for wear-and-tear repairs are settled via the booked budget.

Contracts concluded before 1.9.2022 partly include the standard package. This has a wear-and-tear budget of €150 per year; the annual inspection is also handled via this.

How do I report wear and tear repairs and inspections?

You can easily report wear and tear repairs and inspections via our Lease a Bike portal.

Which parts are considered wear parts?

Every Lease a Bike company bike receives an all-round protection package with an individually selected annual wear budget. This budget covers all necessary repairs to restore operational safety as well as wear-related repairs. The following wear parts, among others, are taken into account:

What does the theft and damage protection cover? 

Our theft and damage protection covers all sudden and unforeseeable damage or destruction to the leased item, e.g. due to:

Tyre damage is not considered damage, but is covered by the available wear budget.

How do I report a claim and what documents do I need?

Reporting damage is very easy via the Lease a Bike portal. To report damage, you need the invoice or the cost estimate as well as pictures of the damage. Proceed as follows:

How do I report a theft and what documents do I need?

The report can easily be submitted via the Lease a Bike portal. In the case of a theft or partial theft, you will need the police report confirmation and, if applicable, a purchase invoice for the stolen bike.

Note: In the event of theft, an object exchange within the existing contract will take place with a bike of the same type and quality. The purchase value of the new bike including accessories may correspond to the value of the stolen bike. 

What do the individual contract statuses mean?

In the following, we explain the contract statuses that are relevant for you and the steps that go along with them.

In the contract overview you can see the current status of the contract at any time. contract at any time. Simply hold the mouse pointer over the blue dot. If you are to become active as a trader, you will also receive an email with instructions on the next step.

You receive an order code from the customers and start to create the leasing contract. After you have entered the leasing object and the accessories, you select the all-round protection package that corresponds to the wishes of the customers and the company guidelines and confirm your entry after checking the data.

The transfer contract is released digitally by the customers and the leasing contract is approved by the employers. You do not become active in this contract status; this is in the hands of the companies.

You can now enter all the relevant information such as invoice number (corresponds to that from your merchandise management system) and invoice date for the invoice in the portal. You then check and confirm this. You can find more information on this in our guide for dealers.

After the customer has presented you with the pick-up PIN, you hand over the bike. You enter the PIN in the portal as proof of handover. Important note: You may only hand over the bike once the collection PIN has been entered, as the insurance cover only takes effect from this point. The invoice is automatically send to the leasing company after the hand-over. After handing over the bike, we will take care of the final steps.

What accessories can be leased in addition to the company bike?

With Lease a Bike, customers have the option of leasing accessories in addition to their company bike. The costs for this are included in the leasing rate and may amount to a maximum of 15% of the sales price of the company bike. Customers can lease a variety of different products, only cycling clothing is excluded from the lease. Possible accessories include the following categories:

How does the handover of the bike take place?

The handover of the company bike is supported by our online portal. To do this, select the relevant contract and click on the "Go to the next step" button. To document the handover, you now write down the collection PIN that the customer received from us by e-mail, the frame number of the bike and, if applicable, the serial number of the battery. Then tick the "Confirm handover" box and update the contract.

You can now hand over the new company bike to the client. They will receive the handover confirmation by e-mail and can also download it from the portal.

Until when can I still change or delete a contract?

You can change or delete a contract until the leasing details are confirmed.

If the contract status is already further advanced, please contact Lease a Bike support on 04471 967 33 33 or by e-mail to [email protected].


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