Lease a Bike becomes climate neutral

Our mission

Roadmap CSR project
The road is long, but we are cycling towards the next milestone.

We not only want to help other companies become more sustainable, but also make a big contribution to environmental protection ourselves. For the next two years, Lease a Bike has made a promise to make the world a bit greener. All milestones have been set, a strategy has been developed, certified partners have been selected and we are ready to take big steps. As a company, we have a special social responsibility and want to tackle the challenge of the climate crisis. Together with our partners, we can already realise big goals this year, which we will report about regularly on this website.

We invest in the future of our planet

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Zero-emission mobility

We support our fellow people by enabling the use of emission-free mobility.

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Green together

Certified partners like Planted accompany us on our way with sustainable projects.

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Long-term strategy

Our CSR promise runs until 2024 and is updated regularly. We are guided by the current state of the climate crisis and the latest findings in environmental protection.

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For society

We think outside the box and support organisations that make a positive contribution to the common good.

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And these are the next steps


Donating bikes

We will donate 100 reusable (e-)bikes each year to certified organisations that promote easy access to green mobility.


Reducing our CO₂ footprint

In line with the climate agreement, we are reducing our carbon footprint per employee by 55% by 2030. To improve our supply chain sustainability, we are focusing on the following areas: Reducing packaging materials, extending battery life and changing behaviour across the business.


Planting trees

We plant climate-stable trees in Germany and offset the CO₂ emissions of our team. At the same time, we promote other climate protection projects worldwide with our partner Planted.


Sharing progress

We publish an annual CSR report and explain our progress in the area of sustainability on our website. In addition, we are committed to adapting our actions to the current state of the climate crisis.

Calculate your CO2 savings

For employers
For employees
This calculator is based on the assumption that a bicycle is used instead of a mid-range car (diesel or super). The values for CO2 emissions are based on official figures from the Federal Environment Agency.
How many people are on your team?
How many days does your team work in the office each week?
What is the average distance from the home of your employees to the office in kilometers?
CO2 emission saved per year:
equal to - G of CO2
Trees planted
Source: Federal Environment Agency Germany

Truth in numbers


fewer CO₂ emissions per employee by 2030.


Lease a Bike will already be climate neutral.


bikes are donated annually to certified organisations.

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Our CSR Statement