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Lease a Bike in the Stepstone Podcast

6 January 2022
1 Minutes

Cloppenburg, January 2022. Company bike leasing is one of the most important employee benefits for a company to present itself as attractive on the labour market. The job portal Stepstone has also recognised this trend and invited us to their podcast "HR Snackbar". In an exciting podcast episode, our Lease a Bike expert Dennis Langlets was able to answer many questions about the topic of company bike leasing and employer branding. Positive effects on the environment and motivated employees are just some of the aspects Dennis discussed with Stepstone. Parallel to the podcast episode, an article was published on the Stepstone blog that provides important information on the topic of leasing as an incentive and picks up on exciting points from the podcast. You can find the podcast under the button or on Spotify. We would be delighted if you listened to the podcast!

Interested in bike leasing? You can find more information here.