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Lease a Bike is now even safer - our product improvement

Taxes and insurance
2 September 2022
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Cloppenburg, September 2022. Lease a Bike has optimised its services and thus provides its customers with even more comprehensive protection in leasing transactions. The new all-round protection packages protect leasing users even better from additional expenses in the event of sudden and unforeseeable damage and destruction to he leased object or leased accessories. In addition, Lease a Bike has increased the subsidies for wear-and-tear repairs. All employees who conclude a company bike leasing contract with Lease a Bike after September 1st will benefit from the three optimised all-round protection packages: Basic, Premium and All-inclusive.

The new all-round protection packages of Lease a Bike protects its customers, among othr things, against theft and other damage that can occur due to wear and tear, own fault or external influences. In addition to the previous theft and damages protection, the modified packages now also include an annual inspection of the company bike as well as a Europe-wide mobility guarantee including 24/7 roadside assistance. Employees also benefit from the repurchase guarantee and the instalment default protection.

What is new?

The previous Basic, Standard and Premium packages are replaced by the optimised all-round protection packages Basic, Premium and All-inclusive. As a result, Lease a Bike has increased the allowances for ear-and-tear repairs: Lease a Bike covers necessary repairs due to wear-and-tear in the All-inclusive package without budget limit, in the Basic package up to 75 euros and in the Premium package up to 200 euros annually. Lease a BIke also added many other coverage measures to the packages. All employees who conclude a new company bike leasing contract from September 2022 will benefit from the new services. Contracts and all-round protection packages already concluded will remain in place.

Still no deductible and no de minimis limit

The list of possible unforeseeable damage and destruction of the leased object and accessories is long. These include theft, intent by third parties, construction, material and execution errors, natural disasters, etc. Lease a Bike customers can have such events covered by the all-round protection packages and use their leased bike without any worries. There is no deductible for the cyclists and no limit for minor damage.

Optimal coverage with the Europe-wide mobility guarantee

The services of the mobility guarantee have also been improved: In addition to a 24-hour service hotline, company bike users are also offered on-site breakdown assistance including a bicycle towing service, the organisation of the onward or return journey after an accident, and a replacement bike in the event of a breakdown. In addition, emergency cash for bicycle tours abroad as well as bike repair shops in the vicinity are arranged through a nationwide, qualified service network.

Protection through the instalment loss protection

Lease a Bike has also expanded the incident management in the all-round protection packages: The instalment loss protection takes effect when the employees are no longer paid - for example, due to claiming sick pay or parental leave. In such cases, Lease a Bike pays the leasing instalments for a maximum of twelve months. In the event of an internal change of the user of the company bike, the leaisng provider will arrange for a change of name and assist in the handling of an early termination of the leasing contract by the company. If an employee changes companies, the leaisng contract can also 7be signed over to the new company, subject to a credit check. The bikes can be returned cost-neutrally from the 7th month onwards when the employment relationship is terminated.

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