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The ultimate family bike: Fast and eco-friendly on the road.
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Lease a Bike publishes its own podcast "Ab aufs Rad"

The service bike leasing provider Lease a Bike is launching its own podcast "Ab aufs Rad - Get on your bike - the podcast with Lease a Bike". You can listen to six exciting episodes and learn a lot of interesting facts about bicycle leasing and company bikes. Lease a Bike expert Dennis Langlets talks about leasing advantages for employees, companies and the self-employed. as well as green mobility, sustainability and popular employee benefits.

24 May 2022 2 Minutes
Cover Podcast Get on your bike Lease a Bike


Lease a Bike Study about Bike Leasing in Cooperation with Statista

Together with Statista, Lease a Bike conducted a study on the topic of "company bike leasing and sustainable mobility" among German employees. Many exciting and new findings emerged - for example, 59% of employees would like their company to provide them with a company bike.

9 May 2022 4 Minutes
Woman pushes Lease a Bike service bike along promenade in summery surroundings


Lease a Bike in the Stepstone Podcast

Service leasing is one of the most important employee benefits for a company to present itself as attractive on the labour market. The job portal Stepstone has also recognised this trend and invited us to their podcast "HR Snackbar".

6 January 2022 1 Minutes
Cover Lease a Bike Podcast

What others are saying

Experiences of others who already use our company bikes

Leasing für Arbeitnehmer testimonial orange
I was able to start riding my new company bike the same day my employer approved my request. The process is super easy and fast.
Marlene Seidel
Versicherung E Bike Leasing testimonial orange
I've already covered a few kilometres on my company bike. With the all-round protection, I keep my bike in good shape and am always safe on the road.
Nils Fonka
MTB Fahrradleasing testimonial orange
There is no limitation in choice of type and brand of bike which is very nice. You can even lease different accessories.
Matthias Groneick
Citybike Leasing testimonial orange
With my bike, I’m only 15 minutes from the office. I would usually drive more than 30 minutes by car because of the traffic.
Vivian Schröder
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Why a cargo bike?

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Everything you need to know about cargo bikes

Cargo bikes come in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily transport your child, your dog or even your shopping. The possibilities are almost unlimited: They come with or without pedal assistance, with two or three wheels and in all kinds of colours.

Thanks to company bike leasing, you save costs and can use the cargo bike for leisure as well as for your way to work. It's easy and quick to pick up the kids from school in a busy city, or to quickly ride to the supermarket if you can avoid the traffic jam. Bring your kids along and take a test ride at your local bike shop.

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