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Why commuters are happier on their bikes

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9 January 2023

At Lease a Bike, we've known it for a long time, but now science agrees - cyclists are happier. The reasons were investigated in a study by the University of Auckland. The researchers have observed in previous studies that people who switch from cars or public transport to bicycles are measurably happier. However, the reasons for this were previously unexplored. Therefore, the researchers conducted a qualitative interview study with 24 cyclists who use their e-bikes for both commuting and personal use. The results showed that four different factors have a significant influence on satisfaction.

1. You are in control

A major advantage of cycling as a means of transportation is control over departure and arrival. People can operate independently of buses and trains and don't have to worry about delays or rush hour traffic jams. Instead, the journey by bike always takes about the same amount of time and riders can decide for themselves when to leave. Thanks to the bicycle, there is no need to worry about traffic conditions or stress in the morning. Commuters appreciate this flexibility, reliability and ability to plan.

2. No stress, no boredom!

According to studies, people who drive to work experience a high level of stress. This is because rush hour and traffic jams are a form of sensory overload for people. With public transportation, on the other hand, there is often boredom, which is perceived as stressful. Routes completed by bicycle, however, are perceived as "relaxing" and "pleasant." This is because brooding is not possible when riding a bicycle. Instead, the participants report a "clear head". In addition, the exercise in the fresh air provides a feeling of happiness. This has the added advantage that the journey often feels shorter than it actually is. The time spent on the bike is seen as valuable. Overall, participants feel more relaxed and satisfied by the light exercise in nature and are better able to switch off after work. These aspects have a positive impact on a person's mental health.

3. The feel-good effect

Thanks to the moderately intensive exercise with the e-bike, employees do not arrive at work sweaty and still feel full of energy. All participants in the study feel more physically alert and fit. While e-biking is not as strenuous as regular cycling, e-bike riders often cover longer distances. The fitness effect is ultimately independent of the type of bike, as the length of rides is also critical.

4. More opportunities for social interaction

Some participants make appointments with colleagues to ride their bikes together and talk along the way. Other participants highlight that they interact more often with other bicyclists or walkers. Increased social contact contributes to commuters' mental health.

Overall, people who commute to work by bicycle are significantly happier than employees who use cars or public transportation. The main focus is on the health benefits of cycling. The study observed positive effects on the mental health and physical well-being of commuters. While commuting to work is often seen as wasted time, cyclists are much more satisfied and even enjoy the exercise in the fresh air before and after work.

Thus, the company bike is a great companion in your work life, but also in your private life. Take advantage of the benefits of a company bike and become part of the happy commuters! Find out more.