Donation handover Lease a Bike SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf

Donation for SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf: Lease a Bike turns the commute to work into a charity bike ride with "Bike to Work Days"

4 July 2024

To coincide with World Bicycle Day on June 3, 2024, the company bike leasing provider Lease a Bike organized the "Bike to Work Days" for the first time. In this fundraising campaign, participants collected kilometers on their way to work by bike for a good cause.

Lease a Bike then donated 1 euro to the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf for every kilometer cycled.

From 3 to 7 June, the participants cycled a total of around 14,500 kilometers on their way to work - which resulted in a total donation of 15,000 euros at the end of Lease a Bike.

In addition to the fundraising campaign, the company bike leasing provider raffled off two hospitality tickets for the La Vuelta cycling race in Spain from September 3 to 5, 2024 to the participants.

For the charity campaign, employees from around 90 companies got on their bikes for a good cause. Lease a Bike handed over the donation to the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf on June 27, 2024.

Christian Wölbern, Managing Director of Lease a Bike, expressed his enthusiasm for the charity campaign: "We are delighted with the commitment of our partners and the high level of participation in the 'Bike to Work Days'. We are proud that, together with our customers and participants, we were able to help raise a donation of 15,000 euros for the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf. At Lease a Bike, we are actively committed to sustainable mobility and social responsibility." The mobility provider is committed to helping children and young people in order to give them better prospects for the future. 

Support for various projects in the SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf 

Lease a Bike and the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf have been working together for many years. As part of the charity campaign, the amount donated from the kilometers cycled will benefit various projects of the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf. Cora Müller, press spokeswoman for the SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf, was delighted to receive the donation: "Thanks to the donation from Lease a Bike, we can promote various projects to support our children and young people. For example, we will use the money raised to promote language skills, expand the facilities and finance leisure activities. We also support the sibling residential group, the daycare center and the children's and youth club with the donation."

The SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf

For over 15 years, the SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf has provided a home for children and young people from the Garath district and the entire south of Düsseldorf. The facility has set itself the task of supporting disadvantaged young people in a protected environment and thus enabling them to develop optimally. The SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf is one of a total of 38 facilities across Germany and employs 160 people who are committed to the well-being of children and young people.

The SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf