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Bike trends 2023

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31 January 2023

A new year also means: A new bike season! Because there are many new bikes and exciting innovations. We have asked around for the trend bikes of the year for you, so that you can easily find your dream bike.

Perhaps one of the biggest trends this year could be the SUV e-bike. The abbreviation SUV stands for "Sport Utility Vehicle" and promises a true all-rounder. SUV e-bikes combine the features of mountain bikes with those of a trekking or city bike, so you can use it both in the city and on challenging routes, for example, through the forest or in the mountains.

Thus, it is not only the perfect companion in everyday life, but also in leisure time and on vacation. What makes the bikes particularly attractive is the equipment. First and foremost, they have a large battery and a powerful motor, making these bikes ideal for long distances. In addition, the bikes are fully equipped. From luggage racks and permanently installed lights to suspension forks or coarse tires, SUV bikes leave nothing to be desired. However, these bikes have one weak point - the weight. The extensive equipment weighs quite a bit, so SUV e-bikes often weigh in at 30 kg and are not easy to carry. However, if you are looking for an all-rounder for every situation and do not have to carry the bike up from the basement every day, you will have a lot of fun with these bikes.

The counterpart - the light e-bike!

In stark contrast to SUV e-bikes is another trend of this year: the light e-bike. As the name suggests, the focus here is on low weight. These bikes have significantly smaller batteries and a minimalist design, which significantly reduces the weight, but also the range. Thus, the handling of light e-bikes is comparable to conventional city bikes without electric assistance. However, they are much easier to ride, making them perfect for life in the city. They are ideal for short distances and transportation in the subway or through the stairwell.

Since Light e-bikes come with a lower level of equipment, the bikes can be upgraded if desired. With Lease a Bike, you can simply lease your accessories along with the bike, allowing you to configure the bike entirely according to your wishes.

However, since the concept of lightweight construction and minimalist equipment is not only interesting in urban areas, it is also becoming more and more relevant for e-road bikes or e-mountain bikes. In the future, we will hear a lot more about e-bikes of the light variety.

Environmentally friendly transport!

In the course of sustainable mobility, the cargo bike is also becoming increasingly important in 2023. E-cargo bikes in particular are considered attractive because they offer the possibility of simple and environmentally friendly transport. It is no longer possible to imagine many German city centers without cargo bikes loaded with shopping, children or dogs, and they represent an attractive alternative to the car. This year, there is also a technical innovation to look forward to. For example, some e-cargo bikes offer the so-called cargo mode, in which the bike automatically detects whether, for example, an incline needs to be mastered and automatically offers a higher level of assistance. Even in headwinds, the e-cargo bike doesn't let anyone down, strengthening its position as a direct competitor to the car.

The new year also has a great offer for families - Joint bike tours are a popular outing. But most of the time these tours take place classically on asphalt or otherwise paved paths, because most children's bikes are not suitable for off-road use. However, cycling is becoming more and more important for many people. So that children can also experience exciting tours, mountain bikes designed specifically for children are very much in vogue in 2023. This way, even the little ones can enjoy off-road mountain biking, so that the whole family can pursue their hobby together.

As you can see, the trends in 2023 have the right bike on offer for every requirement. You do not know which bike suits you? Answer our questionnaire now and find out which bike is your dream bike! The local specialized trade is also available to advise you at any time to find the right company bike for you. Feel free to take a look at the dealer search on our website and find out more about bike leasing with Lease a Bike.

Whitepaper Trends 2023

A new year also means: a new bike season. Because there are many new bikes and exciting innovations. We have asked around for the trend bikes of the year for you, so that you can easily find your dream bike!

10 February, 2023