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Corporate healthcare: Win-win for companies and employees

10 November 2022

Employees are the most important foundation of a company. Good working conditions and a healthy quality of life at the workplace sustainably promote the health and motivation of employees. This not only increases productivity, but also the product and service quality of a company. But what measures can companies use to promote employee health?

Today, we present three ways you can optimize your healthcare system with original ideas.

Mindful Monday - prevent depression and burnout!

Long-term illnesses caused by mental illness are becoming more and more common. While still a taboo subject in many places, according to a report by the American Institute of Stress, 80% of all employees reported suffering from stress at work. Half of employees would like help in dealing with stress.

For example, offer a mindfulness program that gives your employees the tools to increase their stress skills. You can implement such a "Mindful Monday" for example with mindfulness programs via apps, internal health coaching or joint meditations on Monday mornings among colleagues. Be creative! How about an after-work sports event to clear your head? The motto: Just try it out, get feedback from employees and adjust the measures if necessary.

Company bike leasing as a BGM measure

Starting your job fresh, awake and moving instead of struggling through traffic jams can improve the well-being of your employees! In addition to the daily time savings, gasoline and parking fees are also saved. As a company, you are not only making an important contribution to the health of your employees, which is an ideal complement to other occupational health management measures, but you are also becoming more attractive to new employees and improving your employer image! Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is all the more important to create incentives and score points with employee benefits. We also gained interesting insights from a study commissioned by Statista. The result: six out of ten employees would like a company bike. Interest is strongest among 18- to 29-year-olds (76%). So in order to retain younger employees in the long term, company bike leasing can be a great option! Find out more about it now.

A theme week dedicated to health

Medium-sized companies in particular can hold a theme week at low cost. The financial aspect is kept within reasonable limits thanks to tax-privileged prevention courses that are subsidized by health insurance companies, e.g. in the areas of exercise, stress management or nutrition. 

But how exactly does the company put together the health week? 

There are legal requirements as to which compulsory courses must be held regularly, and these can be incorporated directly into the health week - so the basic framework is already in place. For example, the annual safety briefing or certain compulsory examinations by the company doctor could be completed. The offer can be extended then by trend topics as for example Mental Health or healthy nutrition. To give the whole thing a nice framework, "health challenges" are an option, such as going smoke-free or vegan for the week.

Would you like to optimize your company health management directly? Take the first step and integrate the company bike leasing concept into your company. Please feel free to contact us.