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E-bike maintenance made easy - tips for maintaining your bike

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24 August 2022

Cloppenburg, 24.98.2022. To ensure that your new bike is a safe and functioning companion for work and leisure, you should have it serviced regularly. You can easily carry out some maintenance yourself without contacting a professional. We have summarized some tips and tricks.

Once a month you should check the air pressure of your bicycle to ensure the best battery performance and a pleasant riding experience. To do this, press the tyre in from the side - if the material gives way, the tyre must be inflated. The ideal air pressure can be found on the side of the tyre, so you don't have to search long for the correct value. Did you know that underinflation reduces the battery power of your e-bike by up to 50%? This is because if the air pressure is too low, the tyre rests on a wider surface. This requires more power when riding and reduces the range of the battery. In addition, the wear of the tyre is significantly higher when the air pressure is too low.

You can also clean your bike yourself. Dirt residues and rust affect the function of the bicycle and should be removed quickly. However, you should not clean the bike with the garden hose. The water residues on the bicycle cause rust and restrict the function of the brakes. Instead, use a damp cloth and remove water residue on the bicycle completely. If you want your company bike to look like new, you should resort to silicone sprays. The care product makes the paintwork shine and protects the material. There are also care products for matte models that clean the frame and protect the paintwork at the same time.

If you notice a clunking noise while riding, your chain is probably too lose. A Lease a Bike dealer can always tighten your bicycle chain and restore the correct tension. As part of this maintenance, it is worth re-oiling the chain. First clean the chain with a cloth before applying new oil. To remove the excess oil, it is advisable to run the wheel through a few times and collect the dripping oil with a cloth. When oiling the chain, make sure that no oil gets on the brakes, as this significantly reduces braking performance.

To check whether the brakes need repair, it helps to take a look at the brake pads. If your brake pads are worn out, it is worth going to a Lease a Bike specialist shop. Here, worn brake pads can be quickly remedied. Your bike is also covered by your all-round protection packages for further maintenance. You can find a Lease a Bike shop near you in our dealer search.