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Which company bike is right for me? - The perfect choice for sustainable mobility

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24 January 2024

At a time when the focus is on environmental awareness and sustainable mobility, the company bike is becoming increasingly important as an ecological alternative to the company car, especially in urban areas. It's a good thing that there is a wide range of company bike options available. It can be difficult to decide on the right model. We have taken a close look at various types of company bike and examined their individual requirements.

The popular ones: city bike or trekking bike

For commuters who mainly travel in urban areas, the choice between a city bike and a trekking bike is often the first decision to be made. City bikes are characterized by their manoeuvrability, easy handling and comfortable position and are ideal for short distances and the daily commute. However, if longer tours or off-road trips are also planned, a trekking bike with its robust construction and off-road capability could be the better option. The right choice therefore depends on the individual routes and planned activities.

Electric drive: e-bike or pedelec

In the era of electromobility, electric bikes offer an attractive option for commuters who have to cover longer distances. The question here is whether an e-bike or a pedelec (up to 25 km/h) is the ideal solution. E-bikes offer full electric assistance, while pedelecs boost the rider's pedal power. If an effortless ride with minimal effort is required, an e-bike could be the right choice. On the other hand, a pedelec is perfect for those who want to maintain their own pedaling power but still want additional assistance. The decision between e-bike and pedelec therefore depends on personal preference and the desired level of assistance.

The sporty ones: Racing bike or mountain bike

For sports enthusiasts who prefer speed or want to ride off-road, racing bikes and mountain bikes are the ideal service bike options. Road bikes are light, aerodynamic and particularly suitable for smooth roads. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are robust, offer excellent suspension and prove themselves on a wide variety of terrain. The choice between a road bike and a mountain bike depends heavily on personal preference and the conditions of your daily commute. Anyone who wants to integrate their sporting ambitions into their daily commute will find the right solution in these options.

The versatile ones: Gravel bikes off the beaten track

A rising star in the world of company bikes is the gravel bike, which blurs the boundaries between road and mountain bikes. These versatile bikes are designed for adventures off the beaten track and offer a blend of speed and off-road capability. With wide tires, stable frames and a comfortable riding position, gravel bikes allow for a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces. This versatility makes them ideal for commuters who not only ride on asphalt, but also enjoy riding on gravel roads or forest trails. The gravel bike is the perfect choice for those who want an all-round service bike that is suitable for both the daily commute to work and adventurous weekend tours.

The flexible ones: Folding bikes for mobile commuters

Folding bikes can be an ideal solution for commuters with limited storage space or those who regularly use public transport. These compact bikes are easy to fold up and take up little space. Folding bikes are perfect for combining cycling and public transport, offer a high degree of flexibility and are a particularly interesting alternative for urban commuters with changing means of transportation.

More than just transportation: cargo bikes for efficient and family-friendly mobility

Cargo bikes are a particularly innovative and family-friendly option in the range of company bikes. These bikes go far beyond traditional transportation and offer the possibility of transporting not only yourself, but also children, pets, loads and goods in an environmentally friendly way. Cargo bikes, often known as cargo bikes, have special bodies at the front or rear that provide space for luggage, shopping, small cargo or even a cozy bench seat for children and pets. These bikes are ideal for families and businesses that want to go green in their everyday lives. Not only are they efficient and environmentally friendly, they also help to reduce traffic congestion.

Include personal parameters

Overall, the selection of the right company bike depends on a variety of factors. In addition to the considerations already mentioned, personal preferences, fitness level and the prevailing traffic conditions also play a decisive role. It is worth investing time in thorough research and test rides to find the ideal company bike. The journey to work not only becomes an environmentally friendly activity, but also a personal experience that promotes your own health.

Focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability

Regardless of the company bike option chosen, opting for sustainable mobility not only contributes to personal health, but also to environmental friendliness. Reducing CO2 emissions and promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle are key aspects that are supported by choosing the company bike as a means of transportation. Companies that offer their employees the opportunity to use a company bike are not only focusing on modern mobility concepts, but are also making an important contribution to overcoming ecological challenges.

The individual choice for sustainable mobility

From city bikes and electric bikes to sporty alternatives and folding bikes - the variety of options allows everyone to find the company bike that best suits their lifestyle. By consciously opting for sustainable mobility, commuters not only contribute to environmental friendliness, but also set an example for modern, future-oriented working models.

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