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Lease a Bike also helps across borders

6 October 2022

Did you know that Lease a Bike is not only available in Germany? We are also active in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands and can therefore support companies across borders. Company bike leasing is a small measure with a big impact and ensures that your employees feel connected to your company.

Feedback and practice from one of the largest rental companies in Europe, Boels Rental, prove us right:

Boels Rental is one of the largest rental companies in Europe, both in the field of machine rental and the rental of special machinery. The family-owned company, based in Sittard (South Netherlands), is now active in 18 countries and has 7,000 employees. These employees stay fit and vital thanks to the company bikes offered by Lease a Bike. "Just like Boels, Lease a Bike is active and expanding in several European countries. This makes Lease a Bike an ideal partner for us," says Carlon Steijvers, Senior HR Officer at Boels.

An excellent way for employers to increase employee satisfaction is to offer a company bike. Employees benefit greatly because leasing a bike instead of buying it is up to 40% cheaper thanks to the tax advantage. What's more: the purchase is spread over a term of 36 months. Another big plus is that all maintenance and insurance costs are included. Above all, however, a company bike encourages employees to get more exercise, whether for the commute to work or for private bike tours. The result: fit and energetic employees.

These benefits are precisely the reasons why Boels launched a bicycle concept. However, the rental company had further requirements. The company bike provider they wanted to work with had to be a real partner. One that - just like them - also operates internationally. And one that could also offer a leasing concept without the HR department having to work overtime. Carlon Steijvers, Senior HR Officer at Boels, headquartered in Sittard: "When you have 7,000 employees in your company, split between Boels and Cramo, you don't want a company bike concept that is time-consuming for your organization. We were looking for a vendor that had fully digitized the process. The process around the company bike needed to be simple and hassle-free.

Boels has found a great partner in Lease a Bike. "The entire process is streamlined through the fully digital and automated platform, from registering employees to finalizing the lease," says Steijvers. "A big plus is that Lease a Bike is active in several countries where we also have many employees: Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands." Lease a Bike knows its way around all of these countries, which makes a big difference. The company knows the laws and regulations for company bikes and has an extensive network of bike dealers. Lease a Bike has experience introducing a company bike concept to a new region.

There is a high demand for company bike leasing among colleagues, especially now that gasoline prices have increased significantly. "For many, the company bike is a serious alternative to the car, especially if you live a maximum of 25 kilometers from work," says Carlon Steijvers. A big advantage of Lease a Bike is the wide range of bike types and brands, so there is an ideal bike for every employee. "One colleague has chosen a cargo bike and another a mountain bike. Employees are free to bring their bikes to the office, but of course they're not obligated to do so."