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Study reveals: Company bike leasing on the rise as a coveted corporate benefit in companies

20 March 2024

The world of corporate benefits has changed significantly in recent years. In addition to traditional benefits such as health insurance and company pensions, sustainable mobility concepts are becoming increasingly important. A recent Statista study commissioned by Lease a Bike has now shed light on the popularity of company bike leasing as a corporate benefit in medium-sized companies.

Mobility concept on the rise

The study, which was conducted in January of this year, surveyed 300 German employers and employees from the industrial, service and retail sectors with decision-making authority in HR matters. It revealed that 87 percent of HR managers consider the concept of employee leasing to be extremely attractive. This figure illustrates the growing recognition of this mobility concept as a valuable additional benefit for employees.

A notable aspect of the study was the fact that 70 percent of respondents were already familiar with the concept of company car leasing. However, 30 percent of decision-makers were learning about it for the first time through the survey, particularly in retail companies. Despite this, 9 out of 10 HR decision-makers rated employee leasing as highly attractive.

The survey also found that 37 percent of companies already offer employee leasing, while a further 27 percent plan to offer it in the future - and, remarkably, 93 percent of these intend to do so by the end of 2024.

Study: Dissemination of company bike leasing

Corporate benefit part of the corporate strategy

The benefits of company wheel leasing were clearly recognized by respondents, with 84 percent agreeing that it promotes employee health, 80 percent seeing a positive environmental impact and 78 percent noting increased employee satisfaction. In addition, three quarters agreed with the statement that employee leasing contributes to better employee retention.

It is clear that sustainability and work-life balance are playing an increasingly important role in corporate strategy. 87% of HR decision-makers gave sustainability a (very) high priority. In the retail sector in particular (79 percent), company leasing is used extensively as a measure to improve sustainability efforts.

82% of the companies surveyed attached great importance to the work-life balance of their employees and rated it as very positive. This underlines the importance for companies to create a balanced working environment in which their employees feel comfortable. As a result, 85% of respondents feel committed to ensuring that their workforce can lead a harmonious working life.

Overall, the study clearly shows that employee leasing as a corporate benefit is very popular in companies and that sustainability and work-life balance are increasingly becoming the focus of corporate strategy.

20 March, 2024