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Lease a Bike publishes its own podcast "Ab aufs Rad"

24 May 2022

Cloppenburg, 24. May 2022. Company bikes leasing has experienced a strong boom in recent years. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic the concept has grown to become am important benefit for companies which many employees appreciate. However, knowledge about the prerequisites and processes for leasing bicycles can still be expanded. Thus, many interested employees, companies and self-employed persons are not yet familiar with the company bike leasing concept and the advantages of company bikes, or they suspect a great deal of effort behind the leasing process. In the podcast, Dennis Langlets talks to host Thorsten Tromm about how easy it is to get your own company bike leasing and save a lot of money.

E-bikes are currently particularly popular among bicycle fans - but the acquisition costs usually start at around 3,500 euros. This is a big hurdle for many people. The podcast explains to listeners how they can get their dream bike quickly, easily and at low cost.


In the first episode, Thorsten talks to Dennis about the advantages of company bike leasing with Lease a Bike. For example, leasing through the provider is independent of the bicycle brand and model. The implementation and the process are handled completely digitally via the online portal. In episode two, Dennis explains the benefits for employees, who can save up to 40% on costs by leasing compared to buying the bike outright. In the third episode the listeners learn why companies benefit from leasing as well. Company bike leasing is e.g. cost-neutral and the employees stay fit and healthy because of their bicycle. Moreover, company bike leasing also supports a green image of the company. In episode four, podcast followers learn how even self-employed people can use leasing profitably for themselves. In addition to the tax deduction, self-employed leasing customers can expect the process to be handled easily by Lease a Bike’s trained staff. Green mobility and the increasing relevance of sustainability in companies are the topics covered by Thorsten Tromm and Dennis Langlets in episode five. In addition to environmentally friendly mobility, the bicycle also offers a more uncomplicated way of getting around in urban regions - without any parking difficulties or traffic jams. In the sixth episode, the two interview partners once again explain the advantages of Lease a Bike contracts due to the simple, paperless and exclusively digital processing. In addition, the podcast listeners also get a summary of the most important steps to leasing a bike as well as the security and support provided by Lease a Bike. The podcast was produced and recorded in cooperation with News Department, which publishes the podcast "Roadtrip - der Autopodcast". You can listen to it wherever podcasts are available: iTunes/ApplePodcasts, google podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon,, audionow, Audible, tunein, PlayerFM,, acast, listennotes,, stitcher, iHeart radio.

You can listen to the podcast here.