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Lease a Bike Study about Bike Leasing in Cooperation with Statista

9 May 2022
4 Minutes

Cloppenburg, May 2022. Almost every second German employee finds the concept of company bike leasing attractive or very attractive - in the young target group of 18 to 29 year olds it is even 64%. Of the respondents who are not provided with a company bike leasing offer, 3 out of 5 people (59%) are interested in a company bike. Again, interest is strongest among 18-29 year olds (76%) and 30-49 year olds (65%). The health and environmental aspects are the most convincing aspects of the company bike leasing concept, with 66 % each. However, almost half of the respondents are not yet familiar with the concept. These are the results of a quantitative Statista study commissioned by Lease a Bike with 1,000 employed participants aged 18 to 67 on the topic of "company bike leasing and sustainable mobility". The quantitative online survey took place between 21 and 25 February 2022 and investigated the mobility behaviour and status quo of bicycle leasing among employees in Germany.

Sustainable mobility models are becoming more and more popular and present - and yet the data on the topic of company bike leasing is still very thin. For this reason, Lease a Bike, together with Statista, one of the leading providers of market and consumer data, investigated the mobility behaviour of 530 male and 470 female employees with regard to bicycle leasing. The aim of the study was to gain knowledge about the use of means of transport for the way to work or leisure time, the importance of the bicycle or company bike as well as the relevance of the factor sustainability when choosing the means of transport. In addition, the interest in and use of bike leasing should be investigated. The willingness to lease, but also knowledge barriers and the need for information were elicited. "Thanks to this study, we now have a better understanding of employees' interests and usage behaviour towards the company bike leasing concept," says Christian Wölbern, General Manager of Lease a Bike. "We now know that the demand for sustainable mobility offers is increasing even more and that the younger generation in particular more than welcomes green mobility concepts - that makes us very happy! But we have also realised that there are still considerable knowledge gaps that we need to fill. Green mobility is more relevant than ever and our goal is that as many employees as possible in Germany and Europe are aware of sustainable mobility offers such as company bike leasing and, in the best case scenario, also take advantage of them.

Results on mobility behaviour: After the car, the bicycle is the most popular means of transport for commuting to work. The bicycle is particularly important for many respondents in their leisure time. 

For the way to work, most respondents still use the car (81%). With 41%, the bicycle takes second place, followed by public transport (39%). E-variants such as pedal scooters (6%) are used least for the commute to work. Particularly exciting: for many respondents across all age groups, the bicycle is (very) important above all for leisure use (70%). For 35 %, the bicycle also plays a major role for commuting to work. The highest relevance (47 %) of the bicycle for commuting to work is among younger people (18 to 29 years). 

Findings about company bike leasing. More than half of the study participants are familiar with the concept. Almost every second person rates the concept as (very) attractive. The 18 to 29 year-olds are the most convinced of the service bike leasing concept. 

There is still room for improvement in the level of awareness of the company bike concept: Almost every second person is not yet familiar with it. One in four (23%) say that their company provides a service wheel leasing offer. This percentage shows a positive development as the number of employees increases. Of all respondents whose companies offer a company bike leasing concept, almost one in three (29%) also use the offer - among the younger ones it is even 42%. 97% of users are satisfied with the concept. Company bike users are particularly convinced by the all-round protection packages and the possibility to get a bike at a fair price. Of those who do not receive a company bike leasing offer, 59% said that they would like to have such a programme. Again, interest is strongest among 18-29 year olds (76%). The main reasons for using a company bike are the full use in leisure time (33%), the all-round insurance (27%) and the wide choice of bike models (27%). What prevents most of the respondents from (further) use is the lack of a company bike offer in their company (68 %) or the long distance to work (34 %). In the future, almost every second person can imagine using a company bike. The core target groups are 18-29 year-olds (55%) and 30-49 year-olds (53%). On the other hand, 91% of the users are convinced that they will continue to use the company bike. In conclusion, it was found that health and environmental aspects (66% each) are most important to the respondents when using a companybike. 

You can download the study here.