man with helmet and backpack rides Gazelle bike in front of modern building

The advantages of e-bikes during the cold season

11 October 2023

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter - fall and winter are here. But that doesn't mean that cycling for commuters has to be put on hold during these seasons. On the contrary: e-bikes prove to be invaluable allies, especially in autumn and winter, when it comes to coping with the weather and the challenges of the season.

Overcoming weather conditions

Fall and winter often bring unpredictable weather conditions - from rain and wind to snow and icy conditions. E-bikes are known to perform exceptionally well in these conditions. Thanks to their powerful electric motors, they can help commuters* move through headwinds and even on slippery roads. One important detail is essential: the helmet.

Moving fast despite darkness

Shorter days often mean commuters ride to work in the dark in the morning and return home in the dark in the evening. E-bikes are equipped with powerful lighting systems that not only increase visibility, but also ensure that riders themselves can see better. This contributes to safety and allows them to move quickly despite the dark conditions.

Less physical effort

During the cold season, it can often be tedious to pedal in low temperatures and potentially slippery roads. E-bikes offer welcome relief by providing riders* with electric assistance when needed. This means less physical exertion and more comfort, especially on longer distances or inclines.

Less dependence on public transport

Public transportation can struggle with delays and crowded vehicles in the fall and winter. E-bikes allow commuters* to bypass these inconveniences and maintain control over their own transportation. This is especially relevant in times when flexibility and planning are more important than ever.

Service bike leasing: the ideal solution for commuters

Given the numerous benefits of e-bikes in the fall and winter, the question arises as to how best to obtain a high-quality e-bike. That's where service bike leasing comes in - an innovative and popular way to use an e-bike for your daily commute.

Advantages of company bike leasing:

Purchasing an e-bike can be a significant investment. Service bike leasing allows commuters* to spread this cost over monthly installments, reducing the financial burden.

A major incentive for company car leasing is the tax benefits. The monthly leasing amount is deducted directly from gross salary, resulting in a reduction in taxable income. This results in financial savings that are especially welcome in the fall and winter. The bike leasing calculator allows you to calculate the monthly leasing rate and savings with just a few clicks.

Service bike leasing allows users* to choose a high-quality e-bike that suits their needs and preferences. This is especially important to ensure comfort and efficiency in the fall and winter. The practical bike finder shows a wide range of e-bikes for individual needs.