woman is riding company bike in front of building with glass front

The changing age structure of e-bike users: a new era of mobility for all generations

12 July 2023

The introduction of e-bikes has revolutionized the way we get around. What was once considered a means of transportation for the elderly has become a popular choice for people of all ages. In recent years, the age structure of e-bike users* has changed significantly as more and more young people discover the benefits of these electric bikes.

Context and background

Traditionally, e-bikes were mainly used by older people looking for a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around. However, as technology has advanced and e-bike models have improved, attitudes and perceptions have changed. Today, we see a growing number of younger people, including millennials and even teenagers, viewing e-bikes as a convenient and fun transportation alternative. This development is influenced by various factors such as the rise in environmental awareness, the desire for a healthier lifestyle and the increasing availability of e-bikes on the market.

Advantages for young e-bike users

For young people, e-bikes offer a variety of benefits. First, they provide stress-free and cost-effective transportation, especially in congested cities. With electric assistance, commuters can cover longer distances without breaking a sweat. Second, e-bikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles and help reduce air pollution and traffic. In addition, e-bikes promote an active lifestyle, as they increase motivation to exercise regularly and help to stay healthy. This is where the wide range of categories comes into play, such as e-mountain bikes, e-trekking bikes, e-SUV bikes, e-city bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-racing bikes and others, offering the right vehicle for every use and requirement.

Challenges and opportunities

As the age structure of e-bike users changes, so do challenges and opportunities. There is a need to adapt infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for safe bike lanes and parking. In addition, regulations and road safety need to be improved to facilitate the coexistence of e-bikes, conventional bicycles and other road users. On the other hand, new business opportunities are opening up for the bicycle industry, including the development of e-bike models that meet the needs and preferences of young people.


The changing age structure of e-bike users marks a significant turning point in mobility. The increasing number of young people using e-bikes shows that this method of transportation is not only suitable for older generations. The health, environmental and efficiency benefits make e-bikes an attractive option for people of all ages, and infrastructure development will help to further support this positive change.

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