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Lease a Bike helps SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. with bicycles.

7 December 2022

For many people, the Christmas season is a time of joy and togetherness with family and friends. For the staff of SOS Kinderdorf e.V., however, it is often a time of challenges. Many of the children living in the organization's facilities have no contact with their families and the Christmas season can be perceived as very stressful. It is at this time of year that staff are in particular demand. To support the pedagogical staff of SOS Kinderdorf e.V., Lease a Bike donated 50 bicycles. Thanks to the donations, the employees can not only do their work better, but also have a means of transportation with which they can bring some variety into their daily work routine. In order to bring a little joy to the children from the various daycare centers, 50 Santa Claus bags with delicious chocolate were distributed.

The SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf

The SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf is an institution that has been helping to provide a home for disadvantaged children and young people in the Garath district and the entire south of Düsseldorf for more than 20 years. Here they are supported in a protected setting and can thus experience the best possible development. SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf employs 160 people and is currently one of 38 facilities throughout Germany.

Shorter commutes thanks to sustainable transportation

The pedagogical staff and SOS Children's Village families can now get from one daycare center to the other emission-free, avoiding traffic jams in the city. The use of sustainable means of transport has long been a wish of the SOS Children's Village families, making it easier for them to cope with their daily commutes.

Cora Müller, press officer of the SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf was particularly happy about this opportunity, as she told us. "Thanks to the donated bicycles, it is now possible for our professionals to get from A to B more easily and quickly. The fact that this also allows us to travel emission-free and sustainably is also a big step towards climate neutrality for us as SOS Children's Village."

In addition to a more pleasant commute and sustainable transportation, SOS Children's Village families can also benefit from other advantages: Regular cycling can help with stress reduction and relaxation, as well as improve health and fitness. 

Green mobility for more climate neutrality

With this donation, we are also dedicating ourselves to corporate social responsibility in the run-up to Christmas. Because every year we support organizations that make a positive contribution to the common good with a total of 100 bicycles. Our mission as a CO2-neutral company is to make zero-emission mobility solutions easily accessible to a growing group of people. Reducing the carbon footprint of our own employees, monitoring and publicizing sustainability efforts, and planting trees are also close to our hearts. Together with Planted, we were already able to plant 300 trees in German mixed forests this year.

Do you have suggestions for which organization we can support in 2023? Feel free to write us a message on social media or by email. You can find our contact form here.

22 February, 2023