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Safety on your mind: why a bicycle helmet is a must when cycling

6 December 2023

In the world of cycling, the helmet is far more than a simple accessory - it is an indispensable companion that protects the safety and health of every cyclist. Under every helmet is not only a clever head, but also a conscious decision for safety on the road.

Necessity and health

Although helmets are not yet a legal requirement (except for pedelecs and e-bikes up to 45 km/h), the bicycle helmet is above all essential protection for the cyclist's head. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. A helmet significantly minimizes the risk of head injuries and thus protects your health. In the event of a fall or collision, the helmet absorbs a large part of the impact energy and significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Safety in road traffic

The roads can sometimes present unpredictable situations. A helmet is not just a simple measure, but an extremely effective way of protecting yourself from possible injury. At the same time, it signals to other road users that safety is a top priority for cyclists.

Helmets are compulsory on e-bikes and pedelecs

Helmets are becoming increasingly important, especially for riders of e-bikes and pedelecs. The higher speeds of up to 45 km/h require additional protection. A helmet on an e-bike and pedelec is not only required by law, but also guarantees essential safety in this segment. By accepting and implementing the helmet requirement on e-bikes, riders help to prevent accidents and combine the fun of e-biking with active safety awareness.

Innovation in helmet technology

Modern helmets are not only lightweight and comfortable, but also technologically advanced. Advances in helmet technology offer ventilation systems that improve comfort and are designed to provide optimum protection for the head. Continuous innovation makes the protection of the smart head even more effective and helps to ensure that wearing a helmet is not perceived as a chore, but as a matter of course.

Children and young people as role models

The habit of wearing a helmet should be introduced at a young age. Children and young people who learn the importance of helmets at an early age set an example for their peers and help to establish a culture of road safety. Parents and guardians play a crucial role here by communicating the importance of wearing a helmet.

The bicycle helmet as a leasable accessory in company bike leasing

In the context of company bike leasing, the bicycle helmet is not only recommended, but is also part of the leasable accessories. Safety is a top priority and the helmet is an indispensable component. Its purchase not only protects the rider, but also makes a significant contribution to promoting a safe and healthy working environment by combining the benefits of company cycling with an essential safety aspect.