French bulldog in a bicycle basket

E-bike and dog: a good combination for active adventures together

29 May 2024

The e-bike is enjoying great popularity and at the same time many dog owners are experiencing the challenge of letting their four-legged friends take part in their tours. But a ride together with your four-legged friend can be enriching for both owner and dog. We have summarized the advantages and practical tips for this joint adventure.

Which dog breeds are suitable for running alongside an e-bike?

Not every dog and breed is suitable for running alongside an e-bike. Medium to large dog breeds with a high energy level and good stamina are ideal. They are naturally active and have the physical ability to run longer distances. In addition, the dogs should be at least 18 months old so that their joints are fully developed and they are able to cope with the physical exertion. Other important qualities are good leash skills and obedience to ensure that the four-legged friend does not get distracted or suddenly pull to one side. Health and fitness are also crucial. Slow and gentle training is recommended in advance to get the dog used to running alongside the e-bike or bicycle in general and to avoid possible overexertion. If necessary, adjust your pace to your dog's level.

The advantages of e-bikes for dog owners

More exercise: One of the benefits of riding an e-bike is the ability to cover longer distances more quickly and effortlessly. For dogs with high energy requirements, this is an excellent way to get enough exercise. Furry friends who regularly need long walks or runs can be optimally exercised by riding an e-bike.

Relief for the dog owner: While the active dog runs alongside the e-bike, dog owners can use the support of the motor to exert less physical effort and still provide their companion with the exercise they need. This is particularly suitable for older or less athletic people.

Exploring new areas: With an e-bike, you and your four-legged friend can easily experience new places. On forest paths, rural areas or coastal strips, an e-bike considerably extends the radius of action.

Environmentally friendly transportation: E-bikes are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars, especially for shorter distances. By dispensing with fossil fuels, you are helping to protect the environment while walking your dog at the same time.

Time saving: An e-bike allows you to get from A to B quicker, which is particularly useful if you're short on time but still want to make sure your four-legged companion gets plenty of exercise.

Options for riding an e-bike together with your dog

Next to the e-bike: The most common method is to let the dog run next to the e-bike. Here you should take a few safety precautions:

  • Use a special e-bike dog holder: This device ensures that the dog stays safely by your side without you losing your balance.
  • Acclimatize slowly: Start with short distances to get your companion used to the e-bike.
  • Adjust your walking speed: Make sure that the speed is adapted to the condition and pace of your four-legged friend.
  • Take breaks: Regular breaks are important so that your dog can rest and drink water.

In a dog trailer: For longer distances or smaller and older pets that cannot walk as much, a dog trailer on the bike is ideal, which is attached to the e-bike using a coupling. This makes it possible to take the dog with you without overtaxing it.

  • Comfortable trailer: Make sure that the bicycle trailer offers sufficient space and ventilation.
  • Securing: The dog should be securely fastened in the trailer to avoid accidents.
  • Gradual familiarization: Start with short journeys to get the dog used to the bike trailer.

In a basket: There are special bicycle baskets for small dog breeds that are attached to the handlebars or luggage rack. These are ideal and offer a comfortable and safe transport option.

  • Stable basket: The basket should be stable and securely fastened to prevent the four-legged friend from jumping out. Some models have a grid mounted on the basket.
  • Safety leash: An integrated leash secures the companion and ensures that it cannot jump out of the basket.
  • Comfort: A soft cushion in the basket increases the dog's comfort.
Two dogs in a bike trailer
Woman with e-bike and dog in basket
Three dogs with owner in the forest

Safety tips for combining e-bike and dog


Before you go on longer trips with your four-legged companion and the e-bike, it is important that your dog masters basic commands and listens well to you. A well-trained dog will make riding safer and more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Reflectors and lighting

Both the e-bike and the dog should be clearly visible in low light conditions. A luminous collar or a luminous vest for your four-legged friend can be useful.

Regular breaks and water

Take regular breaks and give your dog plenty of water, especially on warm days. Adapt your speed to your four-legged friend's condition and reduce it if necessary.

Choose suitable routes

Routes with as little traffic as possible and that are dog-friendly are ideal. Forest paths, parks and cycle paths are often ideal for a relaxed ride.

Practical equipment for e-bike and dog

E-bike dog carrier

A special e-bike dog holder is a sensible investment to keep your dog safely by your side. These holders ensure that he cannot suddenly escape to the side.

Dog leash and harness

A well-fitting collar and lead or, even better, a harness and lead are essential to keep your companion safe. A harness is often better than a collar as it is more comfortable and keeps the dog more stable.

Travel water bottle
A portable water bottle with an integrated bowl is handy for giving your furry friend water on the go.

First aid kit

A first aid kit for dogs can be very helpful in an emergency. It should contain bandages, disinfectant and tweezers.

Man with e-bike and dog in nature

Signs of overstraining

It is important to look out for signs that your dog is overtaxed when walking alongside the e-bike. An overtaxed companion shows signs of exhaustion, e.g. panting, slowing down or standing still more often. Other signs of stress include excessive licking, yawning or restless behavior. Also look out for physical symptoms such as lameness, increased salivation or glazed eyes. If the dog has difficulty keeping up with you or shows signs of discomfort, take a break immediately, offer him water or stop the outing if necessary.

Our conclusion

Riding an e-bike with your dog is the ideal way to spend time together, keep your four-legged companion occupied and experience nature. The right equipment and assessment of the best way for him to take part in the tours, whether next to the bike or in a bike trailer or basket, is the preparation for carefree rides. 

If you are thinking about purchasing an e-bike as a company bike, this does not exclude the possibility of enjoying a ride with your furry friend, but can even enhance it.

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