Bicycle donation to the St. Vincenzhaus Foundation

St. Vincenzhaus Foundation is delighted with the bike donation from Lease a Bike and Zweirad Beeken

13 March 2024

With the support of Zweirad Beeken, the company bike leasing provider Lease a Bike has donated a total of 16 children's, ladies' and men's bicycles, including e-bikes, to the St. Vincenzhaus Foundation. Helmut Roskam, Deputy Head of the Integration Assistance Department, Sebastian Vaske, General Manager of Residential Care, and Laurenz Schmidt, Group Manager of Mobile Care, gratefully accepted the bicycle donation on behalf of St. Vincenzhaus.

Bicycle donation boosts mobility and integration

The donated bicycles will be used as part of integration assistance and mobile care (MOB) in Cloppenburg and Garrel. "We are delighted with the generous donation of bicycles," emphasizes Helmut Roskam "This is a great support for our groups and a huge step forward in terms of mobility. For some children and young people, buying their own bike is otherwise like buying a car and is often not something they can afford themselves." The donated bikes will also be used as part of the vacation program, where bike tours are planned for those who do not have their own bike.

About the St. Vincenzhaus Foundation

The St. Vincenzhaus Foundation in Cloppenburg defines itself as a supporter of children, young people, parents and families who shape educational and life paths together. With over 300 employees in six different facilities, including a special school, residential groups, a youth welfare facility, an addiction and educational counseling center and a youth workshop, they are there for their target groups around the clock, 365 days a year. 

Lease a Bike and its CSR efforts

Lease a Bike takes its social responsibility seriously and is not only committed to green mobility concepts, but also to fair cooperation. Every year, the company supports international organizations that make a positive contribution to the common good with a total of 100 bicycles. The company bike leasing provider strives to make emission-free mobility solutions accessible to a growing number of people. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of its employees and transparently publishing its sustainability efforts, the company is also actively involved in reforestation by planting trees and supporting international climate projects. Further information on CSR efforts can be found here

Handover of the bike donation to the Vincenzhaus

In the photo above from left: Sebastian Vaske (Head of Residential Care, St. Vincenzhaus), Christian Beeken (Zweirad Beeken, Garrel), Antje Thomas (Marketing Manager, Lease a Bike), Laurenz Schmidt (Group Leader Mobile Care, St. Vincenzhaus), Helmut Roskam (Deputy Head of Integration Assistance, St. Vincenzhaus)