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Company bike leasing: A key to more cycling fun in everyday life

12 June 2024

According to the Bicycle Monitor 2023 published by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, one in four Germans between the ages of 14 and 69 rarely or never use a bicycle. This statistic shows that despite the increasing popularity of the bicycle as an environmentally friendly means of transportation, many people still see obstacles to pedaling regularly. The reasons include the weather, the need for regular transportation by car, long distances, fear of dangerous situations in traffic and physical exertion. 

At this point, we would like to show how service bike leasing can help to overcome these obstacles and promote the use of bicycles.

Weather-related obstacles

One of the most common reasons why people rarely or never cycle is the weather. Rain, snow, wind and cold make cycling unattractive for many.

With company bike leasing, users have the option of leasing high-quality, weatherproof bikes. Modern e-bikes and pedelecs are often equipped with mudguards, weatherproof tires and powerful lighting systems that make riding in bad weather safer and more pleasant. 

There are also high-quality accessories such as weatherproof clothing and panniers on sale, making cycling more practical and comfortable even in unfavorable weather conditions.

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Need to regularly use the car for transportation

Many people rely on their car for frequent large purchases or other transportation.

Leasing programs offer the option of choosing cargo bikes that are designed for transporting larger items. Cargo bikes are equipped with large racks and sturdy frames that allow for the transportation of groceries, children, pets or even furniture. In addition, these bikes are often electrically assisted, which makes riding easier even with a heavy load. 

Distances that are too long

Many people find the distances they have to travel every day too far to cover by bike.

This is where electromobility comes into play. E-bikes and pedelecs, which are offered as part of company bike leasing, make longer distances effortless to overcome. With electric assistance, even untrained cyclists can cover longer distances and uphill gradients without breaking into too much of a sweat. This considerably extends the radius in which the bicycle can be used as a practical means of transportation and makes cycling more attractive for many people.

The feeling of being unsafe on the road 

Many people do not feel safe on the roads and find cycling dangerous, especially in busy cities.

Modern company bikes are often equipped with comprehensive safety features, including powerful brakes, bright lighting systems and sturdier frames. In addition, company bike leasing encourages the use of bicycles in companies, which promotes the expansion of infrastructure and can lead to improved cycle paths and safer conditions in the long term. Employers can also offer special training courses and safety workshops to raise their employees' awareness of safe cycling on the roads.

Physical exertion

Many people find cycling too strenuous, especially if they do not exercise regularly.

E-bikes and pedelecs are the perfect solution here. Thanks to the electric assistance, physical exertion can be individually regulated. This means that even people who don't normally exercise much can easily manage longer distances and inclines. This lowers the inhibition threshold and makes it possible to integrate cycling into everyday life without reaching your physical limits.

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How company bike leasing promotes the use of bicycles

Company bike leasing offers a variety of benefits that directly address the needs and concerns of potential users:

Cost savings: the leasing model allows employees to use high-quality bicycles at attractive conditions without having to bear the high purchase costs. This makes it easier to opt for a modern, well-equipped bike that meets all requirements. What's more, a company bike can be up to 40% cheaper than buying one. Click here for the bike leasing calculator from Lease a Bike.

Tax advantages: Company bikes are tax-privileged in a similar way to company cars. This means that both employers and employees can benefit from tax advantages. The salary conversion for company bike leasing reduces the taxable gross salary and therefore also the social security contributions and taxes. This makes leasing a bike even more attractive and encourages people to switch to this environmentally friendly mode of transport. 

Health promotion: Regular cycling has been proven to have positive effects on health. Company bike leasing encourages employees to cycle more, which leads to an improvement in physical fitness and general well-being. This can also reduce sick days in the company and increase productivity.

Environmentally friendly: The increased use of bicycles reduces CO2 emissions. This makes a significant contribution to climate protection and supports the sustainable goals of many companies. Employers can thus make a contribution to the environment and strengthen their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the same time.

Flexibility and mobility: With a company bike, employees are more flexible and mobile. They can avoid traffic jams and get to their destination faster, especially in urban areas. This saves time and reduces the stress often associated with commuting.

Service bike leasing can overcome obstacles

The study by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport clearly shows that many people in Germany are still reluctant to cycle regularly. However, company bike leasing offers an effective solution to overcome these obstacles. By providing access to high-quality, weatherproof and safety-optimized bicycles, the negative aspects of cycling can be minimized. At the same time, users benefit from the health advantages and tax incentives.

If employers and employees recognize and use the possibilities of company bike leasing, not only can individual mobility be improved, but an important contribution can also be made to environmental protection and health promotion. Through targeted measures and the promotion of company bike leasing, we can sustainably increase the use of bicycles in Germany and actively shape the mobility of the future. Request your non-binding information package now.