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Lease a Bike reaches next CSR milestone with Planted

28 April 2023

Lease a Bike celebrates another success in its CSR journey to increase its sustainable footprint. As a pioneer in the field of sustainable business, Lease a Bike not only specializes in offering eco-friendly mobility solutions, but also in being responsible to society and the environment. In this article, we will take a closer look at the importance of corporate social responsibility and how Lease a Bike is achieving its CSR milestone through its partnership with Planted.

Successful 2022/23 planting season.

One milestone is the planting of climate resilient trees in Germany to offset the Co2 emissions of Lease a Bike employees. 

The current planting season began in November and will continue until March, when temperatures rise again and the soil gradually loses moisture. The cool months, on the other hand, are ideal for the small seedlings to plant. 

During this period, Planted has planted 113,821 trees from 35 species in more than 20 new plots, including for Lease a Bike, the equivalent of nearly three soccer fields per month. The plantings are organized by climate forester Jan in the form of planting events with Planted partners and by helpers from the forestry offices and tree nurseries. The trees come from regional partner nurseries and are ideally suited to the conditions of the location.

Global climate protection projects

With Planted, Lease a Bike also supports global climate protection projects recognized by the federal government in the form of renewable energy, clean water and the restoration of natural areas. Together, this brings us a great deal closer to climate protection and sustainability worldwide.

Further goals of our CSR promise

Since 2022, Lease a Bike has been climate neutral and pursues the mission of making zero-emission mobility solutions accessible to a growing group of people, as well as offering sustainable cycling and health initiatives. 

Among other things, this involves supporting organizations in the form of 100 donated (e-)bikes per year.

Three projects are launched to improve the supply chain in the area of sustainability, focusing on reducing packaging material, extending the life of rechargeable batteries and changing behavior.

We believe that a sustainable company is only possible through engaged employees. That's why we offer our employees access to educational and vitality programs to build skills and promote health and well-being. We also place great emphasis on an inclusive and diverse culture to ensure that every employee has equal opportunities.

We also support local initiatives through Lease a Bike flower sponsorships and donations. In addition, we constantly keep ourselves informed about developments in the market and society in order to make a long-term contribution to shaping a sustainable future.

Our CSR promise and responsibility do not end in our business units, but go beyond the usual promises made by companies.