team photo Lease a Bike at ceremony customer service of the year

Lease a Bike honored for outstanding customer service

26 October 2023

On November 8, the service wheel leasing provider was awarded the prestigious "Voted Customer Service of the Year 2024" award for its outstanding customer service. Armonia Deutschland GmbH, the organizer of the audit and competition, selected the winners of this prestigious service seal in Germany for the fourth time.

Lease a Bike's success is based on outstanding customer service that sets it apart from the competition. The company offers its customers a seamless and stress-free bike leasing experience that focuses on customer satisfaction. Each request is handled individually, and thanks to a well-coordinated service team, speed and efficiency are always guaranteed. This strong commitment to customer service has now been rewarded with the coveted "Voted Customer Service of the Year 2024" award.

Christian Wölbern, Managing Director of Lease a Bike, expressed his delight at the award: "We are delighted to have won the 'Voted Customer Service of the Year 2024' award. This award is a significant recognition of our efforts to provide the highest quality customer service. For several years, we have focused on exceeding our customers' expectations. They are at the heart of everything we do, because first-class customer service is the key to long-term customer relationships. This award confirms that our commitment is now showing results. But the award is also an obligation to continue to deliver outstanding services."

New standards in customer service

Lease a Bike's outstanding customer service team is characterized by its expertise and thorough training. Employees are proactive on both a professional and empathetic level, offering tailored solutions and transparent communication. This enables customers to benefit not only from an attractive leasing offer, but also from personal contacts who respond competently and reliably to their individual wishes and concerns. As a result, Lease a Bike sets new standards in customer service and clearly stands out from other providers.

The innovative and customer-oriented approach makes it extremely attractive for companies to rely on company bike leasing as an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient mobility concept. Lease a Bike offers a future-oriented mobility model and a sustainable solution to make the switch to environmentally friendly mobility easy - with the best possible customer service.

Employee benefit with little effort

A special feature is the automated online portal, which simplifies the entire leasing process from registration to administration. This saves companies high investments and enables them to implement company bike leasing as an employee benefit efficiently and easily, regardless of their size. As the process is completely digital and paperless, it not only protects the environment, but also ensures flexible and uncomplicated processing and fast turnaround times.

But lessees also benefit from Lease a Bike. Thanks to tax savings, they can afford their dream bike regardless of make and model and also use it for private purposes - an employee benefit that is well worth seeing. The mobility service provider also offers an all-round protection package that includes wear and tear repairs, breakdown assistance and inspections to ensure carefree riding enjoyment. Employers are also covered thanks to the take-back guarantee and installment default protection, and the award-winning customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions.

Exclusive award ceremony in Frankfurt

The service seal "Voted Customer Service of the Year" is awarded by Armonia Deutschland GmbH and honors companies from various sectors. This concept is already established in Spain, England, Morocco, Tunisia and France and has been recognizing the best customer service for many years. In Germany, a total of 13 winners from different categories were honored with the award at the award ceremony at the Gibson in Frankfurt. To receive the seal, certain criteria must be met, including a minimum ranking in the audit and positioning as the strongest company in the respective category. This seal is only awarded once per sector in order to maintain exclusivity for the winners.