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The different requirements for the e-bike

E-bikes have established themselves as a permanent fixture in urban areas, i.e. cities, and are enjoying great popularity. In rural areas, they are also gaining more and more fans, as they are motorized in an environmentally friendly way, making it easier to cover longer distances. The motorization of e-bikes offers a real advantage over non-motorized bicycles.

24 May 2023 2
man with guitar on back rides bike along a building in summer


Bike trips with the service bike

Cycling is not only good for your health, but also environmentally friendly and a sustainable way to travel. You can enjoy the freedom to plan your own route and get to know the local landscape, culture and people. In this article we present some of the best cycling tours in the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and France. Plan your next bike tour in Europe and experience the freedom on two wheels.

10 May 2023 2
Couple on bikes on wooden path and dunes in background


Lease a Bike reaches next CSR milestone with Planted

Lease a Bike celebrates another success in its CSR journey to increase its sustainable footprint. As a pioneer in the field of sustainable business, Lease a Bike specializes not only in offering eco-friendly mobility solutions, but also in being responsible to society and the environment.

28 April 2023 2
Close-up of sprouting branch on shrub

All about bikes

Traffic rules and tips for riding an e-bike

Have you ever experienced how a supposedly distant cyclist suddenly appears almost in front of your vehicle while you are turning into a street? This scenario is an example of the change in the structure of road users in recent years. For this reason, we have compiled the current traffic rules and tips for you, so that you are always safe on the road.

27 March 2023 3
man with helmet riding his company bike in the middle of street in city

All about bikes

How to get your bike ready for spring

Spring is coming with the first blossoms and longer days, and it's time to get the bike out of the basement or garage. If you want to make your bike fit for the coming biking season, you will find useful tips here.

10 March 2023 3
woman with Gazelle e bike rides through alley with trees on both sides

All about bikes

Bike trends 2023

A new year also means: A new bike season! Because there are many new bikes and exciting innovations. We have asked around for the trend bikes of the year for you, so that you can easily find your dream bike. From the all-rounder of the SUV e-bike to the counterpart of the light e-bike via innovations in cargo bikes, all trends in 2023 are highlighted.

31 January 2023 3
woman with green hat and red bike looks on ground

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